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What I am Reading: Orientalism by Edward Said

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“What I do argue also is that there is a difference between knowledge of other peoples and other times that is the result of understanding, compassion, careful study and analysis for their own sakes, and on the other hand knowledge-if that is what it is–that is part of an overall campaign of self-affirmation, belligerency, and outright war.  There is, after all, a profound difference between the will to understand for purposes of coexistence and humanistic enlargement of horizons, and the will to dominate for the purposes of control and external dominion.” (Said, xix)

“In analyzing spiritual appropriation as a form of sexual violence, I start with what may seem a strange source: the Bible.  The Hebrew word YDH, which translates as “to know a person”, carnally, or sexual intercourse, is used frequently in the Hebrew scriptures to connote sexual relations. . . Consensual sexual relationships require the loosening of the boundaries of one’s physical and psychic space–they involve not only allowing another person to become close to you physically, but allowing her or him to know more about you.  Sexual violence then suggests that the violation of these boundaries operates not only on the physical but on spiritual and psychic levels as well.  In addition, sexual violence is ultimately structured around power relations–its entails establishing the power to control someone’s life.  Similarly, “knowledge” about someone also gives one power over that person.  Withholding knowledge, then, is an act of resistance against those who desire to know you in order to better control you.

It is with this understanding of sexual violence that I wish to explore how the “New Age” movement and other forms of indigenous spiritual/cultural appropriation constitute a form of sexual violence.”–Excerpt from Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide by Andre Smith (119-120).


I’m Not Trayvon

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I appreciate this.

The Invisible Weight of Whiteness: The Racial Grammar of Everyday Life in Contemporary America-Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

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Trayvon Martin News

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Trayvon Martin: The myth of US post-racialism

Voices: Justice For Trayvon Martin

10 Others Before Trayvon Martin

Images: The Million Hoodie March

Andrea Smith: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide

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A must read! Purchase at South End Press

“A cutting-edge scholar and cofounder of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, the largest grassroots, multiracial feminist organization in the country, Andrea Smith (Cherokee) is an emerging leader in progressive political circles. In Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide, Smith places Native American women at the center of her analysis of sexual violence, challenging both conventional definitions of the term and conventional responses to the problem.

Beginning with the impact of the abuses inflicted on Native American children at state-sanctioned boarding schools from the 1880s to the 1980s, Smith adroitly expands our conception of violence to include the widespread appropriation of Indian cultural practices by whites and other non-Natives; environmental racism; and population control. Smith deftly connects these and other examples of historical and contemporary colonialism to the high rates of violence against Native American women-as a group, the poorest women in the US, and the most likely to suffer from poverty-related illnesses and to survive rape and partner abuse.

Essential reading for scholars and activists, Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide is the powerful synthesis of Andrea Smith’s intellectual and political work to date. By focusing on the impact of sexual violence on Native American women, Smith articulates an agenda that is compelling to feminists, Native Americans, other people of color, and all who are committed to creating viable alternatives to state-based “solutions.”

Don’t Trend on My Culture

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Is the use of Native American designs in mainstream fashion a sign of progress or cultural insensitivity?

Inside USA – The Other Hawaii – Al-Jazeera

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Excerpts from From a Native Daughter: Colonialism and Sovereignty in Hawai‘i by Haunani-Kay Trask

“These settlers have no interest in, or concern about, our Native people. Settlers of all colors come to Hawai’i for refuge, for relaxation. They do not know, nor do they care, that our Native government was overthrown by white sugar planters in 1893 with the willing aid of the American troops; that our islands were [illegally] annexed in 1898 against the expressed wishes of our Native people; that our political status as Hawaiian citizens was made impossible by forced annexation to the United States. Many non-Natives have said that we should be grateful for the alleged opportunity of American citizenship even if this has meant termination as an independent country” (82).
“During the course of little more than a century, the haole [white foreigner] onslaught had taken from us 95% of our Hawaiian people, 99% of our lands and water, and the entirety of our political sovereignty. As the twentieth century dawned, we were but a remnant of the great and ancient people we had once been” (84)